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Hypnosis is one of the techniques used to access the inner mind called "the subconscious and unconscious", allowing "the conscious mind" to rest.


When we hear the word "hypnosis", we tend to picture a person ordering someone into a sleep state against their will and then asking them to follow instructions, as popularized in TV shows.

In most cases, the hypnotized person doesn't remember anything when coming out of the sleep state.

It's a common misconception about hypnosis.

Actually you won't be unconscious nor asleep during the hypnotherapy.

As a matter of fact, you will always be in control and clearly remember the content of the dialogue with your hypnotherapist.


I think the role of the hypnotherapist is to induce the client into a more relaxed state and to follow the spontaneous response of the client.

I regard hypnotherapy as a collaboration between the therapist and the client. 

In a manner of speaking, a therapist is nothing more than a guide.

The hypnotherapy is completely natural and safe as no one is in control of you.


In my sessions, I begin with a spoken induction such as; "Close your eyes and try to make yourself comfortable......", in order to help your body and mind gradually feel relaxed.

When clients are in a relaxed state, I draw out the information stored their subconscious and unconscious minds.


An iceberg is often used as a metaphor for the mind.

As you can see in the picture below, the 10% which is visible above sea level is the conscious mind.


The remaining 90% under the water is the subconscious and unconscious mind, in other words, "the soul". 

However, we are inclined to think and interact with others with this 10% of our mind since the time of our birth.

The concept of the conscious mind is not actually one of your attributes but is an ideology formed by your external experiences.

That is to say, information and knowledge we inevitably obtain during our growth process, for instance, from parents, schools, society, religion, and culture has affected our thoughts and identity without us realizing it.

It could trigger problems such as not being able to achieve your potential, keeping you repeating the same patterns and feeling anxiety and frustration as you can't form a feeling of deep connection with your soul.


What makes hypnotherapy so effective is that we can expect a quick response to the treatment by directly accessing the 90% submerged subconscious and unconscious mind, allowing your conscious mind to rest through induction performed by a therapist. 


The subconscious and unconscious mind, "your soul", records all of your memories like a computer.

If you try to solve your problems without your soul, only using the 10% of the mind which is exposed, you will keep repeating the same old patterns.

Even worse, it could strengthen the ideology and prevent you from finding your true self.


One of the characteristics of hypnosis is that it is a natural phenomenon.

Hypnosis can facilitate the achievement of potential by drawing out your subconscious and unconscious mind to the fullest extent and helping you solve problems using it.


In the actual session, I will induce you to the point which caused the problem in your life or in building your character, such as the prenatal period, childhood or even a previous life. By regressing to that point and reexperiencing it, you will be able to release your pent up emotions and relieve anxiety and stress.

This treatment can also broaden your horizons and can be ultilized to expand your potential.


It's a pity that the majority of people generally have an image of "hypnotherapy being same as past-life therapy" from typical mainstream books.

Actually you don't need to recall your past life, unless it has a direct connection to the problem you are currently experiencing.

In my sessions, past-life therapy is only one method of treatment.

As a matter of fact, the range of uses for hypnosis is unlimited.

For instance, hypnosis can be used for accessing your higher self, your inner child, and the time between lives.


In addition, it can be used for communicating with your bodily organs, with your sub-personality, with your pets, people who have passed away, and making dreams into reality.

Finding out what you were born to do, solving problems, unlocking your potential and even more; hypnosis can be used for numerous reasons.


Above all, the biggest advantage of hypnotherapy is that you are the one who figures out the answers to your questions.

As I have mentioned before, a therapist is nothing more than a guide; you play the main role.


Generally "open-minded" and "live and let live" type people tend to be imaginative and release their emotions easily from the first session.

On the other hand, more dependent and judgemental people, and those who have excessive negative feelings about self may have difficulty creating mental images.

However, everyone can be hypnotized. If you think you can't, it's only your assumption.

There's not a single person who can't create mental images.

Rest assured anyone can enter a trance state by taking a consultation with a therapist.

You will enjoy the hypnotherapy sessions as they proceed, they'll enhance self-trust and enrich your life.


In addition, if you learn the technique of opening up your subconscious and unconscious mind to more than 90% through hypnosis, you will gain a new outlook on life.

Becoming able to materialize your dreams, creating better relationships, improving your life situation and so on, you will eventually become aware of the advantages of hypnosis.

Of course there are no side effects, so you can feel safe and comfortable.


I recommend anyone who takes my hypnotherapy for the first time to take my channeling session before, in order to make the hypnotherapy more effective.

Clients are not usually aware of what's going to come up during the hypnotherapy and what's going to happen at the initial session. 

As hypnotherapy often requires consecutive sessions, it may be helpful for clients to first discover their under-laying problems and obtain recognition to some extent via channeling.


When you recognize the issue you need to confront and wish to make a change with hypnosis, channeling can be appropriate for addressing the problems for the upcoming hypnotherapy sessions.

Sometimes only that one channeling session may solve the problems and you won't require to take the hypnotherapy.


The above mentioned is certainly just for reference. It's no problem to only take a hypnotherapy session if you wish or in the case you have ever been hypnotized elsewhere, and of course you can decide at the initial counseling session. 

You can rest assured that I respect client's wishes.


Hypnotherapy is a great way to discover the magnificence of your potential and wisdom.

I sincerely hope everyone will utilize hypnotherapy to effectively enrich your lives.


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