★ Channeling Sessions


We live in a three-dimensional world called planet earth.

In the universe there exist more highly evolved beings than on the earth and they have extra-dimensional consciousness.


I am a trance channel.

A channel is an individual who has a special ability to connect and interact with the spirit world.

Being a trance channel means I allow myself to go into a deep trance state, essentially leaving my physical body to allow a non-physical conscious being to have conversations with you.


"Channeling" is to deliver messages and advice from the spirits (non-physical conscious beings) through a channel.


My path to becoming a trance channel started around 1996 when I myself was being hypnotized.

In the middle of the therapy, I unexpectedly sensed my first non-physical child entity "Shooting Star". I immediately started speaking eloquently about my hypnotherapist who I didn't know.

I was in a deep trance at that time and when I groggily came out of the trance without knowing anything, she was totally shocked at what she had just seen, and with intense excitement she explained everything that had happened.

Since that incident I started to channel with this child entity.

In fact, I have conducted open and private channeling sessions with "Shooting Star" many times over.


It was the year of 2000 when I sensed my second non-physical entity "mearie".

Again this time, it was an unforeseen incident. She came into me in the middle of the night.

Since then I've channelled with her more than 14 years.


Incidentally I call her "mearie" as she introduced herself this way, although entities usually have no name.

Since entities exist in a non-physical dimension where there is no time or space, "mearie" delivers various messages and advice that transcend your past, present and future lives.


With regards to my channeling sessions, they take about one hour including a short conversation before and after.

My sessions are given in Japanese, however I have a Japanese-English interpreter for foreigners.


To provide you with a little more detail about my channeling sessions, in order to make the process clearer and easier for you, we normally spend about the first 5 minutes talking and relaxing, then move on to the channeling.

You may take notes or record audio of your sessions as long as it's for personal use.


Before the actual channeling begins, it takes me a few minutes to contact mearie.

When mearie is ready to talk with you, she will greet you and ask you to focus on her so that she can read your condition and energy.

The more you open your heart to mearie, the easier it will be for her to read you.


She will first make a comment on what she reads from you.

You might want to talk about the comment more if it brings something to your mind, or you might want to ask the questions your prepared.


It's not a problem at all even if you have no specific questions or you get nervous and your mind goes blank during the session.

mearie will lead the conversation in the appropriate direction and the area of concern which is most important for you to discuss will come forward.


As I mentioned above, I'm fully unconscious during the channeling session and I don't remember anything when I'm back in my normal state.

If you have any questions about the conversation between yourself and mearie, please ask her for clarification directly.


One of the biggest advantages of channeling is it's not about human to human conversation.

For instance, if you get frustrated by not being able to convey your feelings with the appropriate words, it doesn't matter to mearie.

She reads you from what is inside, not from your words.

You don't need to try to understand all the messages right away.

You may want to think them over for a while after the session.


I'm happy when I hear from my clients that what mearie said in the channelling sessions actually happened after the sessions, sometimes even after a few decades.

Some say that they already get pleasant and intimate feelings of being connected with mearie before they come to my channeling session.

That is to say, once you are connected with mearie you will feel a noticeable sense of peace and a warm feeling of safety.


Above all, the most important thing is to relax and enjoy your channeling conversations. 

Feel the space, surrender to the flow, and enjoy the wondrous feeling of a live channeling session.


I hope from my heart, when you utilize the essence of channeling in real life, it will help you with your personal growth and enrich your mind.


If you have any questiond plese feel free to contact me at